Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Favorite Alphabet SOUNDS Song

I love the Sounds like Fun CD by Barbara Milne and have been singing these tunes to my children for over 19 years! The Alphabet Sounds Song by Barbara Milne is a nice quiet time or bed time song and is the first song that I use to introduce phonics to my children.
When I sing my babies to sleep, I follow The Alphabet Sounds Song with Barbara Milne’s I Love You So Much. This song became a comfort song to each of my children. When my toddler wakes up frightened, he asks me to "sing the I Love You song" to him. I still have the original Discovery Toys tape cassette  Sounds Like Fun, which includes these two songs as well as  many other learning songs interspersed with nursery rhymes, sung in the same sweet, calming manner. If you have a child who likes to fall asleep listening to music, or if you like to have background music during play time, this is a wonderful CD.

Discovery Toys now sells these songs under the title Sounds Like Learning, but I have to admit that I liked the original title better. I think the new title probably appeals more to the Baby Einstein crowd, but  for a limited time you can buy the original CD for $15.00 or buy it in a bundle, along with 4 other Barbara Milne CD’s for $25.00 at IQ Boosters.

I now use Barbara Milne's CDs to keep my toddler in bed in the evening. I allow him to listen to a CD only if he stays in bed and it works like a charm! And it feels so much better as a parent to say, "If you stay in bed, you can listen to music" than  "If you get out of bed, x will happen".

Oh, and your child does not care if you can sing in tune or get the lyrics right. Sometimes when I am singing without the CD, I get to a letter and cannot remember what word I am supposed to sing, so I just improvise. And I cannot carry a tune. At all! I am so bad that once my kids are older and have had some musical training, I can use singing as a form of punishment. Seriously. However, my babies love for me to sing to them for the first 3 -5 years of their life (the one who stopped liking my voice at 3 has perfect pitch, but even he liked it up until then).

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