Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alternate Use for an Aquadoodle Pen

My son had an Aquadoodle set, but one day when I wasn’t paying attention he took crayons and markers to the Aquadoodle paper. I was unable to repair the paper and when I discarded it, I almost tossed the pen too but then I had an idea:April 2010 254 I filled up the pen with water and encouraged my son to try  it on colored construction paper. It works quite well and it doesn’t matter if  my son decides to take crayon and marker to the construction paper. It is easily and inexpensively replaced.

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Tammy L said...

Good thinking!! :) I remember we used to have an Aquadoodle... unfortunately my boys had waaayyyy too many uses for a water-filled pen :| I was glad when it all wore out! heehee :)